K-Tech Suspension 20mm IDS Fork Cartridges
Like original OEM fork internals many aftermarket cartridges are manufactured with non-anodized aluminum and/or mild steel components. It is important to compare the K-Tech design and manufacturing philosophy which goes the extra mile utilizing all hard anodized aluminum or hard chromed steel internal components. This detail reduces contaminants that build up in the fork fluids which reduces maintenance, prolongs durability and increases consistency of performance. Typically, users are surprised to see clean oil emerge when performing scheduled fork maintenance rather than dark, contaminated oil.

K-Tech Suspension 20mm IDS Fork Cartridges

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The K-Tech 20IDS front fork cartridges are a complete replacement damping system designed to fit into original equipment. The 20IDS cartridges are designed and manufactured in the UK  to the same standard as all high performance K-Tech products using the highest grade materials and processes. Refinement, control, stability and adjustability comes as standard with the K-Tech 20IDS front fork cartridges. The 20IDS cartridges come with external adjustment for spring preload, compression and rebound damping allowing the rider to adjust the forks for all types of riding styles and conditions. Std OEM Spring Rate= Progressive this cartridge uses springs # 36-260-

    External independent adjustment for compression and rebound damping
    External spring preload adjustment
    Increased front end feedback and control
    Optional spring rates available  #36-260 in increments of .5N from 7.0N through 12.0N

K-Tech cartridges are only available through K-Tech authorised dealers who have been trained to install these products, there are specialist tools and techniques required to guarantee performance and safety of this product.

These cartridges are supplied with one set of springs 
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100% Commitment -- 100% Confidence. Designed with winning in mind! For over 20 years K-Tech has built on their incredible success in global road racing and motocross racing championships, constantly evolving and providing championship winning products.


It starts with passion and a dedicated R&D team who are constantly developing new and innovative product. K-Tech Suspension is a premium ISO 9001 accredited brand providing solutions whether it be at the highest level of motorsport or your daily cruiser.


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